Girl Scout Jeopardy

The categories are: Juliette Low, Promise & Law, Outdoor Skills, Girl Scouting Today,  Our Council, first aid, and camping. There will be five "answers" for each category. (Yes, they have to reply in the form of a question.) And like Jeopardy, the answers will be worth more the further you go down the column. The prizes are chocolate. Question 1 is worth 1 chocolate bar, 2 worth 2, etc. They will be in teams by patrols, and all candy will go into a patrol "pot" to be divided up between the members of the patrol when the game is finished.

How  played:  tape the category names across the top of a poster board. Then tape the "answers" face down and upside down under each category. They were numbered 1 through 5. Then, when someone chooses "Juliette Low for 4", I just flip up the "answer" and everybody can read it. The person who answers correctly gets the number of candies the answer was worth, plus she gets to pick the next category/answer. But she does not get first dibs on answering the next question. Try  to take whoever raises their hand first, but also try to give everybody a chance to get some candy.

Girl Scout Jeopardy Questions and Answers

Juliette Low

1. Daisy (What is Juliette Low's nickname?) This was hard because they forgot what the category was and kept trying to tell me "the youngest level of Girl Scouts."

2. Halloween (When is Juliette Low's birthday?)

3. Juliette Low was born here. (What is Savannah, Georgia?)

4. March 12, 1912 (When was the first Girl Scout meeting in the U.S.?)

5.Sir Robert Baden Powell (Lord in 1929) & Miss Agnes Baden-Powell (Who introduced Juliette Low to the Girl Guide idea?)

Promise & Law

1. The number of parts in the Promise (What is 3?)

2. The number of Laws (What is 10?)

3. At all times (When should we help people?)

4. We should be this to every Girl Scout (What is a sister?)

5. A better place (What do we want to make the world?)

Outdoor Skills

1. The number of dishpans needed for dishwashing at camp. (What is 3?)

2. Two types of knots. (What is overhand, square, etc.)

3. Something you always need to have near a fire. (What is a bucket of water?)

4. Something you use to help find your way in the wilderness (What is a compass?)

5. The best thing to do when lost (What is "stay where you are"?)

Girl Scouting Today

1. The largest voluntary organization for girls in the world (What is Girl Scouts?)

2. 5 through 17 (What are the ages for Girl Scouts?)

3. Over 3 million (How many Girl Scouts are there in the U.S.?)

4. The basic unit for group activities (What is a troop?)

5. Troops in a geographical area are organized into this larger unit. (What is a council, neighborhood or service unit?)

Our Council

1. The name of our council (What is your council name?)

2. The number of counties in our council (What is 13?)

3. The name of one of our council's campsites (What is your camp name?)

4. The location of our council office (What is city name?)

5. One city that is in our council. (What is city name.?) Y

First Aid

1. Wash gently with soap and water. (How do you treat a wound?)

2.  Press a gauze pad with your fingers and thumb. (How do you  Stop Bleeding?)

3.  Pinch gently but firmly below bony part for 10 to 20 minutes? (How do you stop a nosebleed?).

4.  Put in warm, loose clothing, cover with blanket, and heat gradually. (How do you treat frostbite?)

5.  Exposure to cold, wet & windy weather can cause this. (What is Hypothermia?)


1.  Before leaving, make sure it's out. (What is fire?)

2.  These two knots are used to hoist a flag. (What are clove hitch and sheet bend knots used for?)

3.  This is a time for reflection at camp. (What is Scout's Own?)

4.  We need these 3 things to start a fire.(What are tinder, kindling & fuel?)

5.  Take only pictures, leave only footprints. (What is low impact camping?)

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