Juliette Low Eternal Flame
Pass the Light and Candle Ceremony


Equipment needed:
1. candle for each girl
2. matches/lighter
3. water bucket (with water in it)

Long ago a special ceremony was formed. Juliette Low wanted her original girls to carry a special spark with them as their Scout group broke up. Some from the troop were moving away, working to help their families or wanted to help a group of girls a little younger than themselves. But whatever their reasons, Juliette knew no other group would ever quite be the same. As the girls stood in a circle holding candles (they had made), Juliette knew what spark it was that she wanted to pass on.

She lit her candle and spoke.

"With this candle I give you each something very special to pass on. As I light the candle on my right I ask each of you to light the candle to your right and pass it on. I want you to carry this thought with you wherever you go. This is the ETERNAL FLAME for Girl Scouts. Each of you after having a lit candle before you will repeat the Girl Scout Promise with me, then pause and recall a few of the things we
have done together as a group. I will hold my candle up and as I do so you will all raise yours and we will blow them out together. Before we separate from our circle, I want to ask you to keep this candle as a very special candle. It is not to be used for any purpose but passing on the ETERNAL FLAME. You may use it in other Girl Scout ceremonies such as camps, encampments, campfires, bridging or court
of awards ceremonies. I'm glad we were able to start a special tradition based on our ETERNAL FLAME."


Girl # 1: I light this candle for Juliette Low, our Girl Scout founder. Even though we lost the personal presence of our founder in 1927, her spirit has led us constantly to greater growth and fellowship. Today there are over three and a half million Girl Scouts in the United States.

Girl #2: Juliette Low's heart's desire was to bring love and understanding to all girls in every land. Her dream is coming true, for today Girl Scouts and Girl Guides have members around the world. I light this candle to our founder, Juliette Low and to all Girl Scouts and Girl Guides the world over .

(She lights second candle.)

Girl #3: When you became Girl Scouts you made a Promise. Let us here rededicate ourselves by repeating our Promise.

Sing "Whene'er You Make a Promise"

Girl #4: In Adelboden, Switzerland. there stands Our Chalet and in Cuernavaca, Mexico -Our Cabana. In Poona, India ­The Sangam. In London, there is Pax Lodge. It is at these world centers that we meet together to strengthen friendship between countries by our own friendships with one another.


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