You will need 3 jumbo
craft sticks and 2 - 3/4"
paper fasteners.
Cut a sharp "knife" edge
on one end of one stick
(use scissors). Drill small holes
(use hand drill) on the
uncut end of one stick and
both ends of the remaining
2 sticks, being careful not to
split the wood.
Fasten all three sticks
together at the bottom
using one paper fastener.
Make sure the pointed
stick is in the middle.
Fasten the two outside
sticks together using the
remaining paper fastener.
Turn under the sharp edges
of the paper fasteners on
the back. The pointed
stick should swing free.
You may want to decorate
the knife using paint pens or
markers. Add a silver blade
and your troop number.
For teaching knife safety put
red lipstick on the edge of
the "knife" and if a girl gets
lipstick on her while using
the knife she was "cut" and
didn't handle it safely.


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