Thanks to Laurie Lascala - Chestnut Ridge, NY

Buy a 5 lb. bag of apples, a  6 inch grape vine wreath, some eucalyptus and raffia. Slice the fruit horizontally (so you see a star in the middle), dry them in a dehydrator and hot glue them to the grapevine wreath, slightly overlapping.  Give them a coat of shellac. Using more apple slices, fold them in half and roll them to create "roses". Hot glue the roses to the wreath with 3 sprigs of eucalyptus around them. Add a raffia bow and hanger. Present with a copy of the Apple Star story below.
The Apple Star Story

A young apple tree sapling would gaze into the sky each night and admire the stars in the sky. Oh, how she wanted a bright shiny star of her very own!

One night, the wood fairy came to the tree, and granted it one wish. Of course, the tree told the fairy she wanted a bright shiny star of her very own...just hold and admire and to love! The fairy told the tree, that if she was a good tree...and grew to be big and strong and full of red ripe apples, that she would grant her this wish.

So the apple tree grew and grew and grew...and became the biggest apple tree around, with the reddest, ripest, yummiest apples. And the tree waited and waited for the fairy to come back, so she could show her what she had done.

It was a long time before the fairy returned ,and the tree had given up hope that she would get her star...When one day .....the fairy arrived!!!! The tree shook with joy, and told the fairy that she had done just what the fairy asked of her..... and wondered why it was that she didn't grant her the wish to have her own, bright shiny star....

And the fairy said, peek inside your apples, my Dear....each one has a secret star....And now you have as many stars as the sky does!

Moral: Do the right thing, be patient, and you will be rewarded!
(sometimes the reward is something that happens inside you!)