Brownie Fly-Up (Bridging)
Flag Ceremony
Brownie Girl Scouts form a ring
Brownie Leader Reads:

As Brownie Girl Scouts you will receive
Your wings of sunlight gold.
You're ready now for Junior Girl Scouts
And new adventures big and bold.

Brownie Girl Scout Leader Says: (As leader speaks, the girls can hold letter cards.)
B - stands for BE prepared for many fun surprises.
R - means adventures are READY in all new shapes and sizes.
O - is you're flying OUT the ring in which you were a member.
W - is for your WINGS and WONDERFUL memories to remember.
N - means NO-ONE can deny how much we really care.
I - is for the INTEREST shown by leaders everywhere.
E - is for ENERGY and EXCITEMENT in full swing...
We've put it all together in this Brownie Girl Scout ring.

All ages of Girl Scouts recite the Girl Scout Promise and Law. One by one Brownie Girl Scout leave the ring. Each is met by her leader who pins her wings on her and gives the Girl Scout handshake. A Junior Girl Scout steps forward and takes the Brownie Girl Scout by the hand and leads her to the Junior Girl Scout leader who pins the Girl Scout membership pin on her, and gives the Girl Scout handshake.

Junior Girl Scout Bridging Ceremony
Junior Girl Scouts Read Together: (Girls could hold up letter cards)
J - means we're girls JUST ready to have some fun!
U - is for UNFORGETABLE memories when our day is done.
N - stands for NEAT discoveries to explore.
I - means new INTERESTS we'll find at adventure's door.
O -stands for OPPORTUNITIES we surely don't want to miss.
R- means we REALLY REALLY REALLY want to do all this!
Junior Girl Scout Leader reads:

Juniors you'll be for a few short years
Make the most of each day that goes by
Be honest and helpful and do a good turn,
And greet each Girl Scout with a "Hi"!

Everyone sings "Girl Scouts Together", or any other lively song to welcome the new Junior Girl Scouts. (Continue ceremony if Junior Girl Scouts are bridging to Girl Scouts 11 - 17.)

Junior to Girl Scouts 11-17 Bridging Ceremony
Girl Scouts 11 -17 Advisor reads:
In this, the year of "growing up," new obligations must be met
You're ready now to cross the bridge and soon you'll be all set...
With STUDIO 2B you'll make your own new plans,
The interests you follow are now in your own hands.

Then all Girl Scouts read: (Girls could hold up letter cards)

S - stands for SIZZLE...our program will be so hot!
T - is for our THOUGHTS of which we have a lot.
U - stands for UNBELIEVABLE horizons to explore.
D - is for DESTINATIONS....traveling more and more and more!
I - stands for INTERESTS so personal and unique.
O - is for OPPORTUNITIES we individually will seek

2B - stands for anything we want our lives TO BE.
But more than all of this - it's our future we want to see!
The advisor greets each new Girl Scout with Girl Scout handshake.
Ceremony may end with the singing of "Taps".

Junior to Girl Scouts 11 - 17 Bridging Ceremony
This can also be adapted for girls bridging into Adult Girl Scouting by adding the last section to the ceremony.
Equipment: I. large sheet of poster board.
2. roots, stem, leaves, and daisy flower cut from colored paper and backed with tape.

#1 G.S.: Just as a root anchors a plant, so does Daisy Girl Scouts
provide the base for the Girl Scout program. Let these roots represent Daisy Girl Scouting . . . the beginning of the journey. (affix roots)

#2 G.S.: In Brownie Girl Scouts, girls continue their development as
Girl Scouts. This stem reminds us of that process. Just as a stem rises up to seek new heights, so do Brownie Girl Scouts continue their adventure in Girl Scouting along with adults who help guide them in the right direction.
(affix stem)

#3 G.S.: Just as leaves unfold and seek energy, so does Junior Girl
Scouting encourage girls to emerge in a program where they can seek out new life-enriching adventures. (affix leaves)

LEADER: You are now ready to bridge to Girl Scouts 11 - 17 brought to you by STUDIO 2B. You will have the opportunity to create your own program.

You will be challenged to follow the 4 B's: Become, Belong, Believe, and Build. As Girl Scouts, you will have the opportunity to earn charms, Interest Project Awards, explore career options, hone your leadership skills, and participate in destinations. Some of you may choose to earn the Girl Scout Silver Award; others will go on to earn the highest award in Girl Scouting, the Girl Scout Gold Award.

Our plant is not complete. It needs the flower. Girl Scouts 11 - 17 is the bloom of the plant. Through continued growth and development in the STUDIO 2B process, you can become the blossom of Girl Scouting. Let this flower represent the full potential of Girl Scouting in your life. (affix flower)

(Girls repeat the Promise, receive a daisy flower and are welcomed in Girl Scouting 11 -17.)

Note: If the girls have completed the Bridging Award, present it to them at this time.

(Add this section for a Bridge to Adult Girl Scouting Ceremony)

LEADER: Even though the flower eventually fades, it leaves behind a precious commodity. The seeds that develop from the bloom ensure the continuance of the species. They may be spread over the land to generate new growths of life. Take these daisy seeds as a symbol of your love for Girl Scouting. Use that love to foster interest in Girl Scouting in others and to ensure the preservation of the program. As a new adult in Girl Scouting, you hold the seeds of future growth in your hands. Continue along life's path and use your experiences to support others in the Girl Scouting program.
(Present each bridging Girl Scout a packet of daisy seeds)

You are now adults in the Girl Scout Movement. Some of you will immediately assume an active leadership role. Others may wish to accomplish other personal goals first. You need never stop being a Girl Scout. Maintain your membership, keep your seeds of future growth in a safe place and, when the time is right, plant them in the Girl Scout program and keep it growing.

Note: If the girls have earned the Bridge to Adult Girl Scouting, present it to them at this time.

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