Bronze Award Ceremony
Supplies: Three tall white or green candles. These candles are surrounded
by one candle for each girl receiving her Girl Scout Bronze Award. The tall
candles should be lit before the ceremony begins. Candles can be arranged in
a candle log on a table at the head of a horseshoe formation.

Procedure: This ceremony can begin with a flag ceremony, the Pledge of
Allegiance, the Girl Scout Promise and a song.

Leader: Today we are honoring ____________ (names of girls to receive the
award) for earning the highest award in Junior Girl Scouting, the Girl Scout
Bronze Award. Each of these girls has achieved the high ideals and goals
expressed by Juliette Gordon Low, who founded the Girl Scout movement in 1912.

Speaker #2: The three tall candles symbolize the threefold purpose of Girl
Scouting as expressed in our Promise.

Speaker #3: "On my honor, I will try: To serve God and my country..."

Speaker #4: "...To help people at all times..."

Speaker #5: "...And to live by the Girl Scout Law."

Leader: ____________ (names of girls) have served their country, community,
and God with their hard work and skills. Each will speak about her Girl
Scout Bronze Award project and receive her award. (Call first girl by name.)

Award Recipient #1: (Stepping forward) My Girl Scout Bronze Award project
was _______. I learned __________.
(She walks to the leader who gives her the Girl Scout Bronze Award. Then she
goes to the table, picks up a candle, lights it from one of the tall candles,
and puts it back down.)

This is repeated until all receive their awards.

Leader: An award is a symbol of achievement. It means that you have learned
something new and provided service to others. With each new award, a Girl
Scout takes on new responsibilities. More is expected at home, in Girl Scouting,
and in your community. Strive always to be worthy of the symbols
you wear, and wear them with pride. Best wishes to each of you.

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