Brownie Girl Scout Fly-Up
(to Junior Girl Scouts)

A Brownie Girl Scout "flies up" to Junior Girl Scouting in the spring, and receives her Brownie Wings. If possible, have your fly-up ceremony with a Junior troop in your Service Unit. Often all age groups of Girl Scouts are involved, including the parents.

Needs: Order your Brownie Wings ahead of time, also your Girl Scout pins and Membership Stars and green disc if you plan to present them now. Brown construction paper, cut to represent stones, or paper bags cut the same way. Write a Girl Scout Law on each one. Refreshments (optional)

The Brownie Girl Scouts sit on one side of the room in a Brownie Ring, and the Junior Girl Scouts sit in a horseshoe (always make the open end toward the audience) on the other side of the room. Place your Stepping Stones between the two groups and tape them down to the floor.

Everyone sings "Girl Scouts Together", found in the Girl Scout Pocket Songbook (or others)

Brownie Leader: You've been a Brownie and you've earned your wings of sunlight gold. Now you're ready for Junior Girl Scouts, new adventures you've been told
(The girls all stand)

Brownie Leader: I would like to present my Brownie Girl Scouts their wings; they are ready to fly-up to the next level of Girl Scouting. As I call your name, would you please come forward? (as they come forward, pin on their wings).

Junior Leader: Each step of Junior Girl Scouting can be filled with fun and adventure. As a troop, we would like to welcome you.

The Brownies walk on the stepping stones and enter the horseshoe. With the Brownies facing the Juniors, the Girl Scout Sign is made and the girls recite the Girl Scout Promise.

Have the Brownies and Juniors face one another, and walk forward to the stepping stone with the first Girl Scout Law printed on it and have the two girls say the Law. Now the next pair of girls come and stand on Law #2; continue until all the Laws are said. If there are not enough girls in the two troops, they may have to do this as single girls instead of in pairs.

Junior Leader: With the help of (Brownie Leader's Name) we would like to present our new Juniors with the Girl Scout membership pin. (pin on Girl Scout Pins). At this time you may also wish to give the girls their Membership Stars and green disc.

Brownie Leader: We will now all sing "Make New Friends"

Junior Leader: Junior Girl Scouts you'll be for a few short years
Make the most of each day that goes by
Be cheerful and helpful and do a good turn
And greet each Girl Scout with a Hi!

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