Daisy Investiture Ceremony  
  Troop 2932 - Barrington, NH

Preparation: We requested and were given pizza cardboards from a local shop.  Each girl cut out white petals and a yellow center and put her daisy on her cardboard.  (On the brown side)

We had a parent who had a collection of battery candles.  Each girl was asked to bring two AA batteries to the meeting before Investiture that she could use for that night.  This allowed (mostly) for any battery/bulb/ connection problems to be worked out ahead of time.  You might want to eliminate this part, and just have your Daisies break through the ground!

(Daisies start by walking out to the back corner.)

Leader: "Each living thing begins as a small ray of light, of hope." (Girls walk solemnly out holding battery candles.  They form a line centered in front of  all the Girl Scouts.) "The seed needs to be nurtured in order to grow."

"In Girl Scouts, the rays of hope are the girls of the world.  Each seed is planted with love.  The value of  each young girl is recognized by older people-parents, siblings, friends, neighbors, leaders, and community members. Our Daisies have been nurtured in their homes and in their community.  They are now ready to bloom!"

"Troop #____'s Daisy meetings will be a place where each girl's individuality is valued.  It will be a place where the importance of caring for ourselves and others will be emphasized.  We'll learn about our world and ways to care for nature.  We'll have fun!  Our troop will be a place for each girl to live the new Girl Scout motto:   "Girl Scouts.  Where Girls Grow Strong!"

Leader: "We are here to greet the newest buds in the Girl Scout world.  Its time for our new Daisies to emerge!" (All Daisies turn off candles and give to assistant.  New Daisies form a line behind a brown curtain ("soil") with an opening in the middle.  (We used two pieces of felt pinned over a rod.)

Leader:  "While the girls are moving to their places, would a parent or guardian of each Daisy please come forward and be ready to pin on the Daisy pin and help us recognize our newest Girl Scouts?"  (New Daisies behind the brown "soil" felt, round daisy pizza cardboards in hand.  Parents cluster on the side. )

"Daisy Troop #____  presents our newest flowers"  (Say each Daisy's name as she emerges.) (As each girl emerges, she holds up her daisy circle and walks to her parent/guardian "pinner").

Leader: "Thank you for your help, parents!  Please go back to your seats so we can sing for you."   

All Daisies sing "I'm a Daisy Girl Scout"

Everyone, please join us in welcoming the new members of troop #____: "Welcome, Daisies!"

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