NARRATOR: In Girl Scouting we have one Law with ten parts.

I will do my best to be honest and fair (Three girls enter with each holding a glass and one holding a bottle of opened pop. She pours a little into each glass making sure they are equal and says "Now let's be as fair as we can about this")

I will do my best to be friendly and helpful (A Brownie enters with a lop-sided cake and proudly announces that she helped her mother make this lovely cake. Mother enters with flour all over her and her hair a mess and a general disheveled appearance)

I will do my best to be considerate and caring (Two girls appear in archway and take turns saying "You go first - No you go first" Repeat about four times then both crowd through archway together)

I will do my best to be courageous and strong (Two girls enter, one wielding a whip and a chair, like she is taming a lion, the other lifting a "heavy" object over her head)

I will do my best to be responsible for what I say and do (One or two girls enter carrying stuffed "pets", pretending that they are real. They are feeding, watering, brushing and walking them. They also talk to them lovingly.)

I will do my best to respect myself and others (Three girls enter, each holding a small hand mirror. Looking into the mirror, they say to themselves "I respect you, I respect you, I respect you". They then turn to each other and repeat the same thing.)

I will do my best to respect authority (Three girls and an older scout. The girls form a straight line. The older girl gives orders such as "About face" "Left face" "Right face". Each girl turns in opposite direction for general confusion)

I will do my best to use resources wisely (A Scout dressed VERY outlandishly such as purple socks, green skirt, red sweater, blue blouse, etc., with everything fitting very poorly.) She says: My mother sent me shopping, now wasn't that very nice I got all these lovely bargains at half their normal price

 I will do my best to make the world a better place (Some girls enter with pet rocks and potted plants. One shows others the new house she just made for her pet rock. Others talk to their plants, etc.)

I will do my best to be a sister to every Girl Scout (Two girls enter wearing outfits with the sleeves and skirts sewn together) They then say (in unison) "Some people say sisters argue. I'm sure this you've heard. But the thing that describes us best, you'll find, inseparables the word."

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