Girl Scout Right Left Game Story


DIRECTIONS: Form a circle, each time you hear the word right, pass the candy, prize, grab to the person on your right. When you hear the word left, pass to the person on your left. When you finish this story the person holding the item is the winner of it.


This is a story about Mrs. Wright's Girl Scout meeting. She lived right at the end of Lefty Lane, the third house on the left.

Every other Wednesday, Mrs. Wright would hold a Girl Scout Meeting.
The girls would enter left, right through the front door and greet Mrs.
Wright, they would head right down the stairs, turning left then right into Mrs. Wright's family room.

Two of the girls were left-handed so they would sit at the left of the table. Mrs. Wright held up her right hand showing the quiet sign and all the girls quieted, except the left-handed girl on the right patting Mrs. Wright dog named Hefty Lefty.

Mrs. Wright asked Sarah Wright and Julie Wright to pass out the song music starting to the left. Sarah Wright and Julie Wright stared out left but turned back because they left the songbooks just to the right of the table. Mrs. Wright said, that's all right.

Mrs. Wright led the girls in song when Grandma Wright heard the beautiful voices and left the kitchen to join the Wright girl's. She went down the stairs and turned left than right, right into Mrs. Wright family room.

Grandma Wright knocked and entered left and sat in the rocking chair on the left. Sarah Wright and Julie Wright invited Grandma Wright to sing along.

Grandma Wright had been a Girl Scout for many years, and right before the girls realized it, Grandma Wright was teaching them a song she learned as a girl and had right at the tip of her tongue.

As the meeting ended, they formed the friendship circle and started the squeeze left, it kept moving around left, left, and left until they completed the circle and the all turned right around.

As the girls left they all thanked Mrs. Wright and Grandma Wright for a down right wonderful meeting.

Written by Karen Hurley, Billerica

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