These are just a few of the numerous slogans and themes used over the years.

1918 Five posters were made to show the spirit of Girl Scouting
1. "Scouting Builds Character"
     This poster spelled out the words Girl Scouts as:
     G for generosity
     I for initiative
     R for reliability
     L for loyalty
     S for self control
     C for cheerfulness
     O for obedient
     U for usefulness
     T for thrifty
     S for service
2. "Scouting Means Service"
3. "Scouting Makes for Health"
4. "Scouting as War Service"
5. "Scouting Trains in Democracy"

1920-1928 The "Jingle Poster"
Monday's Scout is at the tub,
Her Sunday clothes to rinse and rub.

Tuesday's Scout will roast and stew
And fry fresh pancakes just for you!

Wednesday's Scout is bent on thrift
To patch a hole and darn a rift.

Thursday is Scout Service Day
For helping your neighbor in many a way.

Friday's Scout is rosy and strong.
She camps and hikes the whole day long.

Saturday's Scout is happy and gay,
For this is Baby Caring Day.

While Sunday's Scout presents to you
Her uniformed back in the family pew!

1924 "Girl Scouts Build for American Girlhood - Girl Scout Building and Budget Fund - Buy a Brick"

(This was used to raise money to help build a new national headquarters in New York City.)

1931-1935 "A Girl Scout is Kind to Animals"

1932 "Keep Them in School" "Girl Scouts are Helping"

1937 25th Anniversary "Girl Scouts Today - Leaders Tomorrow"

1939 "Girl Scouts - Half a Million Future Homemakers"

1942 "Volunteers for Victory" (used during WW II)

1942-1943 "A Million or More by Forty-four"

1946 "Girl Scouts Around the World"

1952 "Two Million Strong"

1962 "50 Years of Girl Scouting" "Honor the Past, Serve the Future"

1966-1969 "Values to Hold, Worlds to Explore"

1972 "Today's Vision - Tomorrow's World"

1984 "Girl Scouting: Where the Future Begins"

1990 "Girl Scouts: As Great as You Want to Make It"

1993 "Strength in Diversity"

2000 "Girl Scouts. Where Girls Grow Strong" (Tag Line)

2000 "Girl Scouting: For Every Girl, Everywhere" (Vision Statement)


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