Linda G. -Senior/Cadette Troop 2001- Patriots' Trail GSC

******** Ceremony Outline **********

Opening Flag Ceremony
Levels of Girl Scouting (see below)
Promise (candle ceremony)
What does it take to earn the Gold Award? (see below)
   (included are the specific ways this girl completed the requirements -the 15 hr service   
   project, the leadership projects, etc, the last part of this is to describe the girl's project.
   Usually the girl's content adviser shares remarks at this point.
Presentation of Awards (to GA recipient & parents)
Parent Remarks
(we present the special letter, certificates, etc). The local
dignitaries have been able to attend and do this (so far!). Acknowledgements from the
President, U.S. Senators, Capitol Flag Presentation, U.S. Congressman, Federal Agencies
State Governor, State Senate, House of Representatives, Board of Selectmen
Closing Remarks (my 'inspirational little speech', supposed to be similar to the Eagle
      Charge from the Boy Scout Eagle ceremony).
Closing Flag Ceremony


**Levels of Girl Scouting
To explain the levels of Girl Scouting, we now have Girl Scouts of every level light a candle. (each girl lights her candle from the ceremony candle and places it in the candle holder; then she says her speech. She remains standing at the ceremony table behind her candle)

Daisy: I am a Daisy Girl Scout. I am learning about the fun and adventures of Girl Scouting.

Brownie: I am a Brownie Girl Scout. When I looked into the magic pool and saw myself, I wondered how I could help other people. The Brownie try-its are the answer. They help me learn more about myself and the world.

Junior: I am a Junior Girl Scout. I continue to learn more through the five worlds of Girl Scouting. I can follow the sign of the rainbow in many directions, with the sign of the sun to guide me to the sign of the world and the satellite.

Cadette: I am a Cadette Girl Scout. I have more opportunities for new achievements and adventures. I can take part in a wider opportunity and work towards my Silver Award.

Senior: I am a Senior Girl Scout. I have a chance to explore career opportunities, improve my leadership skills and challenge myself as I strive towards my Gold Award, the highest award in Girl Scouting today.


**What does it take to earn the Gold Award?

I would now like to introduce to you [ name(s)-speaker]. [brief introduction]
[name(s)] will explain to us what it takes to earn the Gold Award.

(flowers-5 sets)
(Brownies & Juniors give flowers at each point [5 needed])

The Girl Scout Gold Award is the highest achievement in Girl Scouting. It expresses a special commitment of each girl to herself, her community, her world and her future. There are 5 requirements to receiving the Gold Award.

The first is to earn 4 interest project patches.
[Name] earned: [list the IP's]
The second requirement is to earn the Career Exploration Pin. [Name] prepared her resume and helped organize the From Dreams To Reality Career Fair held right here at the **** Church in April, 1999. She also got a job as a life guard and swimming instructor at **** Pond.
(give flowers)

The third requirement is to earn the Senior Girl Scout Leadership Award. This award involved working at least 30 hours in at least 2 positions of leadership. [Name] was/did_____.
(give flowers)

The fourth requirement in earning the Gold Award is to earn the Senior Girl Scout Challenge. The challenge asks each girl to put the Promise and the Law into action. It involves sections on Developing Your Potential, Relating to Others, Developing Values for Living, Contributing to Society with a service project of at least 15 hours, and Helping Others Know about Girl Scouting.

[Name] created a self-development plan, examined her skills in relating to others and discussed values and reasons for those values. [Name] did the following________ for her 15 hour project.  For the fifth challenge, with her troop, [Name] did the following__________.
(give flowers)

The final requirement for earning the Girl Scout Gold Award is to do a Gold Award project. This project is an extension and combination of all that she has learned in her previous Girl Scout work. The first four requirements helped her to develop skills, practice leadership, explore career possibilities and discover more about herself. All of
this comes together in the Gold Award project. To decide on a project [Name] first identified her personal talents and strengths that could be put into action through a Gold Award project. She then decided on a project which would demonstrate her commitment to her community. The project is required to take a minimum of 50 leadership hours.

[Date] [Name] completed her Gold Award Project, [Title of Project]. Describe her project and what she did to complete it.

(give flowers)

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