The Golden Link Ceremony  
  By Karen Norgard with slight revisions by Alice Wagner


11 "links" cut out of gold paper - (print out the below 11 reading parts and glue them onto the back of the strips. These will serve as scripts as well as links) Stapler The words of the GS Promise for new girls to read from (cut section off new GS registration form) Optional ending - replace one of the gold links with a candle and matches

(Narrator) We are gathered here today to begin a new year of Girl

Scouting. (If Investiture, insert: Some of us have been Girl Scouts a long time and some of us are just beginning. But...) All of us are dedicated to the Promise and Law upon which Girl Scouting is founded. The Promise was brought to America by Juliette Gordon Low, the founder of the Girl Scout movement in our country. She believed that by taking this oath, girls all over the country would better understand their place in their community and, in doing so, join thousands of other girls who share a common belief and commitment. Please join in reciting the Girl Scout Promise...


On my honor, I will try:

To serve God and my country,

To help people at all times,

And to live by the Girl Scout Law.

(Narrator) The Girl Scout Law is made up of ten "rules to live by".

The exact wording of the law has changed over the years but the basic idea is still the same. We pledge to uphold this law because we know it will make us better people and help us to make a positive difference in our lives. So now, we rededicate ourselves to living the Girl Scout law.

(Person 1) I will do my best: to be honest and fair. This means I

will be truthful, trustworthy, equal and fair in my judgment and dealings with others, and I will honor my obligations and duties. (make the first link in the chain)

(Person 2) To be friendly and helpful. I will be sensitive to the

needs and feelings of others, I will cheerfully help others in need without regard to personal reward, and I will help my troop to be the best that we can be. (join your link to the first one)

(Person 3) To be considerate and caring. I will consider the

feelings and beliefs of others before I speak or act. I will not spread gossip and repeat things that are not true. I will try to remember these

words: "If wisdom's ways you wisely seek, Five things observe with care, To whom you speak, Of whom you speak, And how and when and where." (join link)

(Person 4) To be courageous and strong. I will have the courage to

say no to my friends when I don't feel comfortable with what they want me to do or say and the courage to stand up for what I believe and have been taught. I will have the strength to resist temptation and the strength to stand by my opinions. (join link)

(Person 5) To be responsible for what I say and do. If I say or do

something that I regret and am asked about it, I will take responsibility for my actions. I will try to speak and act in ways which will not hurt others and in ways which I will feel good about. (join


(Person 6) And to respect myself and others. I will try to treat

others the same way I would like to be treated; like the considerate, feeling person I try to be. (join link)

(Person 7) To respect authority. I will give the respect that is due

to those in charge. I will listen when spoken to and question authority only when I feel very strongly about something. (join link)

(Person 8) To use resources wisely. Being a Girl Scout means being

aware of the daily bounties I am given. I promise to use whatever resources I am given, such as craft supplies, firewood, or water, in the best and least wasteful ways possible. (join link)

(Person 9) To make the world a better place. I promise to leave

places cleaner and better than I found them. I promise to help make the world a better place for others less fortunate than I am. And most of all, I promise to make my own part of the world a better place for me, my family, and my friends. (join link)

(Person 10) And be a sister to every Girl Scout. As a Girl Scout, I

am a part of the worldwide association of Girl Scouts and Girl Guides. Although we all come from different countries and speak many languages, we are woven together by a common thread; a common belief and commitment. We believe in ourselves and what we stand for and we are committed to living the Law and Promise in our everyday lives. (join


(Leader) As your leader, I pledge my dedication, my commitment, and

my friendship to you as I add this last link. It bonds us and holds us together as a troop.

**Optional Inserts**

If Investiture Ceremony, Leader continues... It is also flexible and will open to welcome a new girl scout just as we're doing today. (Place the golden crown onto our new member's head... If multiple girls are joining, have additional completed crowns prepared in advance.)

Alternate part for leaders... Leaders light a candle instead of adding a link, then read the following: As your leaders, we pledge our dedication, our commitment, and our friendship to you. This candle stands for sunshine, the sun that warms us all. Just as the sun warms us, may we in turn spread warmth and friendship to those we meet. Let's make Girl Scouting fun for all of us, but at the same time not lose sight of the Promise and Law that we have pledged to uphold.

(All) May the paper links that join us together tonight be like pure

gold: strong and bright and long lasting, in our lives and in our hearts.

Join hands and end with a song.

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