Good Turn Mouse Crafts (3)


This saucy creature is a mouse
Most mothers won't let one in the house
See, this one it has quite a tail,
Each Girl Scout made one without fail.
Take it home and help all week,
and for good turns you must seek
for every good turn that you do
tie a knot in the yarn...make quite a few.
Remember why each knot you tied
and how much to help you really tried
and then next week, please take your turn
to tell us all, so we can learn...
just what you did to help at home
a ready helper you have grown!


From a piece of felt cut out a heart shape that will be the body (test on paper first). Cut a 12" piece of yarn for the tail and lay it along the middle of the heart, hanging out the curved end. Fold the felt heart in half and sew (or glue) most of the way around. Stuff the mouse with filling and finish sewing (or gluing). The pointed end is the nose. Glue or sew on two felt ears (1/2 circles) and eyes.  



Scale 1 square = 1 inch

Cut the pattern pieces out of a piece of felt (gray or brown is good). Glue a 12" long yarn "tail" down the middle of the belly piece (pointy end is the head.)  Sew the two sides together at the top (curved side). Sew the top piece (of the 2 sides) to the belly piece all around the edge except 1". Fill the mouse and finish sewing. Leave the yarn tail hanging out. Add felt ears, yarn whiskers and wiggly eyes.  You can also glue little magnets on the back and it can live on the refrigerator.


Child's sock
Felt scraps
Plastic from milk jug
Darning needle
Black embroidery floss
Using scissors, cut off the toe section of the child's sock at the heel, as shown. Also, cut two mouse ear shapes from the felt scraps, and cut a teardrop shape from the plastic stock
Insert the plastic teardrop into the sock (it serves to hold the mouse's shape), and fill the sock with the stuffing. Turn back the sock's edge and, with the yarn (14") and darning needle, lay a running stitch around the opening, as shown. Draw the yarn tight to close the opening.
Tie off the yarn, leaving the extra for the tail. Sew on the felt ears, and create embroidery floss whiskers.

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