This project is fairly simple and can easily be done by any Junior and above as well as most Brownies
What you’ll need :
*Hershey’s Kisses - (10 per Girl) Silver work best if you want flexibility in colors... The Christmas colored ones are ok if you don’t mind the color limitations that implies.
*Colored Plastic Wrap or Cellophane (or similar transparent wrapping foil/film/sheets) Colored Cellophane works best for color as it generally is thick enough to provide strong color whereas Plastic Wrap is easier to get a “clean look” with but will require several layers to achieve a strong color. Cellophane is more expensive unfortunately.
*Colored Cording/String - (Green for the traditional “Christmas Tree Lights” look... But other colors can be used for other effects.) It should be cut to lengths appropriate for necklaces (18” to 24” seems to work for most Girls... Adults may want longer....)
*Colored Tape – Electrical Tape is the easiest to work with (and find) but other similar type can work as well... (avoid Duct Tape sometime called “Gaffer’s Tape” as it is too sticky to work with generally.) We’ve used green, black and silver to good effect.
How to assemble:
  1. Cut Colored plastic wrap in to 3 inch squares (if you use Saran Wrap or Reynolds Plastic Wrap don’t try to save time by layering the sheets together to cut... as the have a great affinity for each other and will be a “bear” to separate later.)
  2. Cut string/cording to length (18 to 24 inches)
  3. Using the cut sheets... Take two Hershey’s Kisses and hold then “bottom to bottom”.
  4. Place one of the points of the Kisses into the center of the plastic square.
  5. Wrap the plastic up and around the  Kisses such that all the excess is gathered at the opposite pointed end.
  6. Twist the excess plastic until it is tight around the Kisses.
  7. Now tie the string around the  excess plastic.
  8. Next take a piece of tape and wrap it around the excess and the string so that the string comes out the “top” (this the end away from the kisses.)
  9. Trim off any excess plastic sticking out of the top.
  10. At this point what you should have is something that looks like a Christmas Light.
  11. To continue repeat the above steps for each (4 more in this example) spacing them out along the string to form a chain of “lights”.

Thanks to Bo Ahlberg!

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