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In this game an item is presented to represent each part of the story. At the end of the story, you hide all the items and see how many the girls can remember. Associating an item with each part of the story helps the girls to remember the story of Juliette Low.

Juliette Low was the founder of Girl Scouting. I'd like to tell you a little about her life:

  • Juliette was born on Oct 31, 1860 - Halloween (Hold up a pumpkin)
  • Her uncle took one look at her and said, "She looks like a Daisy" - this nickname stuck with her for the rest of her life (Hold up silk Daisy)
  • Juliette always loved animals, especially horses. (Show toy horse)   
  • She also loved to draw and paint pictures - so much, that she created children's magazine with all of the articles and pictures done by children (Show crayons, colored pencils or paint brushes)
  • Juliette married Willie Gordon Low in 1886. (Hold up wedding ring)
  • Some of the rice thrown at their wedding became lodged in Juliette's left ear, causing her to become deaf in this ear (Show baggie of rice)
  • Juliette and Willie both loved adventure, so together they decided to move to England (Hold up sailboat)
  • Once in England, Juliette met Lord & Lady Baden-Powell. She very much enjoyed what they had done with the Boy Scout movement (Hold up picture of a boy)
  • Willie passed away while they lived in England, Juliette returned to Georgia and made the famous phone call which was heard around the United States, "Come on over to my house tonight, we are going to hold the first Girl Scout meeting!" (Hold up telephone)
  • As with all Girl Scout troops, money was needed to keep the program running, so Juliette sold the pearl necklace Willie had given her for a wedding present. (Show strand of pearls)
  • Girl Scouting in the USA was born on March 12, 1912 and continues today with over 3 1/2 million members. (Hold up GS pin)

Now, cover up all the items you have been showing, divide girls into teams and give them a short period of time to list all the items. See how much they remember of the story!


Kim's Game - The Life of Juliette Gordon Low
A “Kim's Game” is a game in which several items are presented and then hidden. Girls list all the items they can remember. Below are suggested items to tell the life of Juliette Gordon Low.

Item / Reason for Item
Pumpkin - Juliette was born on October 31, 1860 (Halloween)
Georgia State Quarter - Juliette was born in Savannah, Georgia
Daisy Flower - Her uncle gave her the nickname of Daisy
Horse - Daisy loved animals and had a horse named “Fire”
Art Palette - Daisy loved the arts. She enjoyed drawing, painting, poetry, drama, sculpting and iron
Letter - Daisy wrote many letters to family and friends even though she often misspelled words.  
     While at boarding school in New York she wrote several letters in French.
Ring - Juliette Gordon was married to William Low on December 21, 1886.
Small Bag of Rice - On her wedding day a piece of rice thrown in celebration became lodged in her
        ear. When the doctor tried to remove it, he permanently damaged her left ear drum.
Tea Pot - Soon after their marriage, Juliette Low and her husband Willie moved to England
Picture of Boy Scout - After Willie died, Juliette met Lord Baden-Powell founder of the Boy Scouts
Star - Lord Baden-Powell said to Juliette, “There are little stars that guide us on, although we do not
        realize it.” This gave her encouragement to return to the USA and start Girl Scouting.
Telephone - When Juliette arrived home in Savannah, Georgia she made that famous phone call,
       “I've got something for the girls of Savannah, and all America, and all the world, and we're going
        to start it tonight.”
Girl Scout Pin - Juliette Gordon Low started the first Girl Scout Troop on March 12, 1912.
5 & 2 Number Candles - Juliette Low was 52 years old when she started Girl Scouts in the United
Strand of Pearls - Juliette Low sold her pearls, a wedding gift from her husband, to help fund her
        Girl Scout programs.
8 inches of Rope - The first Girl Scout Handbook had instruction on how to tie up a burglar with 8”
         of rope.
Juliette Low Portrait Patch - Although she never had children of her own, Daisy devoted herself to
         her “girls.”
Breast Cancer Ribbon - Juliette Low died of breast cancer on January 18, 1927.
Juliette Low World Friendship Fund Patch - The Juliette Low World Friendship Fund was
         established in 1927 to honor Daisy's life and her dream of world peace and international

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