Juliette Low and Swap Meet Right Left Stories

The RIGHT Troop Celebrates Juliette Low's Birthday

When the words WRIGHT or RIGHT are read, players are to pass a small gift or swap to the person on their right. When the word LEFT is read, gifts are passed to the left. Pause a moment after each of these words to help cue them into passing. At the end of the story, the players get to keep the gift they have in their hands.

Juliette Low's birthday was almost there & Mrs. RIGHT's troop was just about finshed decorating. Mrs. RIGHT, her daughter, Susie RIGHT, & her cousin Sally RIGHT returned from their last minute shopping. "There is not much LEFT to be done," said Mr. RIGHT as he came into the kitchen. "Did you hang the streamers above the table where I told you to?" asked Mrs. RIGHT. "I LEFT them RIGHT where you told me to," said Mr. RIGHT. "I am glad we got all the food we needed----I don't have any money LEFT," said Sally RIGHT.

The hall phone rang & Susie RIGHT ran to answer it. She came running back into the kitchen exclaiming "Aunt Tillie RIGHT LEFT a cake for us on Gramma RIGHT'S back porch. I'll go RIGHT over there & get it," she said as she LEFT the house. Mr. RIGHT LEFT the kitchen & brought in the presents they bought. By the time Susie RIGHT returned, Mrs. RIGHT, Mr. RIGHT & Sally RIGHT had begun to set the table. Just then the doorbell rang. Mrs. RIGHT's
troop had arrived.

Each girl took off her coat and LEFT it RIGHT by the front door. Jennifer turned to her LEFT to say hi to Karen. Jessica was so busy talking to Elaine that she bumped RIGHT into Betty.
Together they all finished helping Susie RIGHT and Sally RIGHT finish setting up for the party. "That looks RIGHT nice," they all exclaimed. The RIGHT troop played games, made crafts, and sang a RIGHT large number of songs, including Sally RIGHT's favorite, "I LEFT my heart in
San Francisco". They decided to WRITE birthday cards for babies born on Juliette Low's birthday. Finally it was time for cake. Mrs. RIGHT LEFT the room to get the cake while Sally RIGHT got the forks and started passing them out, starting on her LEFT. The entire troop ate and ate until there was no cake LEFT. All the members of Mrs. RIGHT's troop agreed
that this was the best party ever. They cleaned up all the mess that was LEFT and put everything away in the RIGHT place.

Mr. RIGHT was very pleased. "Thank you, girls, for all your help. That was the RIGHT thing to do. No wonder your leader, Mrs. RIGHT, is always so proud of you." One by one the girls' parents came for them. One by one they all said, "Good night, Mrs. RIGHT. See you next week."
Now I hope you have the RIGHT bag of candy for yourself because that's all that is LEFT of our story-----except to say Happy Birthday, Juliette Low !!!! Isn't that RIGHT ?????

Wright Family Swap Meet

When the words WRIGHT or RIGHT are read, players are to pass their swaps to the person on their right. When the word LEFT is read, swaps are passed to the left. Pause a moment after each of these words to help cue them into passing. At the end of the story, the players get to keep the swap they have in their hands.

When the word "Daisy" is said, all the Daisies say "Just like me!", when the word "Brownie" is said, all the Brownies say "Just like me!" and so on. When the word "Leader" is said, all the leaders should say "Just like me!" too! (Practice this a few times).

Many years ago, high on a mountain, there lived a family named WRIGHT. They had many cousins, all girls, and every last one's last name was WRIGHT. All of the cousins in the WRIGHT family belonged to a Girl Scout troop who loved to exchange swaps with other troops. There were DAISIES and BROWNIES and JUNIORS and CADETTES and SENIORS. Not one single girl was ever LEFT out!

Joanna WRIGHT was the Troop LEADER and she was in charge of this year's big swap meet. Many, many Girl Scouts were getting together for a special event to celebrate Juliette Low's Birthday (or substitute your event). Joanna WRIGHT tried to think of everything they would need for the event and she LEFT nothing to chance.

Joanna WRIGHT took all the WRIGHT cousins to the craft store to pick up all the supplies they would need to make their swaps. She loaded them all into her van and LEFT RIGHT on time.

Melissa WRIGHT, one of the SENIORS, had been so organized. She made out a list of what she thought she would need for her swaps. She was going to make friendship bracelets. When they arrived at the store, she got RIGHT to work searching for everything she'd need.

Alison WRIGHT was in kindergarten, and she thought something made with a DAISY would be just RIGHT. She loves flowers, so she headed RIGHT to the flower department. It was located to the LEFT of the paints.

Stephanie and Kimberly WRIGHT just went camping with the other JUNIORS, so they decided to make mini sit-upons to remind them of their camping trip. So they picked out a checkered tablecloth that would be just RIGHT to use for their project.

Molly WRIGHT was a BROWNIE, so she decided to make a little brown elf. She picked out clothespins and felt. She almost LEFT without yarn for the hair, but luckily she remembered before she LEFT.

Suzy WRIGHT, one of the CADETTES, searched long and hard for something to make. She went up the aisles on the LEFT and went down the aisles on the RIGHT. She finally decided to make silver hearts to represent the Silver Award she just received.

And so it went, all of the WRIGHT family Girl Scouts found the materials they
needed for their swaps. They paid for their things and LEFT the store with bags full of supplies. When they arrived back at the meeting place, the WRIGHT cousins went RIGHT to work on their swaps. They cut, glue, pinned, taped and stapled everything together to make their project just RIGHT. They attached safety pins and a little tag with their name and troop number.
They were very excited for the event!

At the swap meet the WRIGHT family cousins met many Girl Scouts from all over and some that were RIGHT from their own town. They met DAISIES and BROWNIES and JUNIORS and CADETTES and SENIORS. Lots and lots of LEADERS brought their troops with them that day! They exchanged greetings and did the Girl Scout Handshake. You know the Girl Scout Handshake don't you? You shake with your LEFT hand, and make the Girl Scout Sign with your RIGHT! Let's try it! Everyone do the Girl Scout Handshake with the person to your RIGHT and LEFT!

Wonderful! That is just the way the WRIGHT girls did it at their swap meet!

The WRIGHT family cousins couldn't believe what beautiful swaps they received and what wonderful friends they had made. They LEFT that evening with smiles on their faces, memories in their hearts and swaps pinned RIGHT to their hats! Just like all of you will be going away with your own swaps and memories from this evening. Isn't that RIGHT? Or is it LEFT?

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