A GIRL SCOUTS' OWN is an inspirational ceremony during which Girl Scouts have an opportunity to reaffirm their values. It is a special and important program which gives Girl Scouts time for quiet and reverence. It is based on the ideals of Girl Scouting and makes them more meaningful to the girls in their daily lives. It gives them an opportunity to express their thoughts and feelings.
      A GIRL SCOUTS' OWN, to be all that its name implies, should be planned by the girls with minimal guidance from the leader. The plans, which are made in a girl/adult partnership, should be carried out by them, each contributing a part to make the meaningful whole.
      I.      Be sure the girls understand its purpose and meaning.

      2.     Select the theme. A good Girl Scouts' Own has a central focus to give it unity. The theme may grow out of camp events, girls thoughts, poems, songs, observations, international understanding, and many other possibilities.

      3.     Choose suitable material for reference after the theme has been selected. The ceremony can include poetry, stories, legends, history, music, pictures, etc.

      4.     Develop the theme. A Girl Scouts' Own may include:
                                       Group Singing              
                                       Special Chorus             
                                       Instrumental Music        
                                       Short Talks
                                       Original Poems             
                                       Special Effects
                                       Choral Reading            
                                       Sign Language
      SETTING: Many times the group presenting a Girl Scouts' Own is hidden amongst trees so that the choir and individual readers are not seen. It can be quiet time in the woods to sit in some favorite spot using appropriate background music. It may be a reverent hour of communion around the campfire with every member permitted to participate. It can be a special time taken out of a troop meeting to reflect upon an idea of importance to the girls.
      REMEMBER: A Girl Scouts' Own is a solemn occasion. The girls should enter and exit in silence. It is not a performance and should not be done before a public audience.

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