Supplies:       1.  a candle for each member                4.  matches
                      2.  three tall candles                      5.  membership pins
                      3.  10 small candles

      LEADER:  All around us is darkness. I light this candle to represent the flame of sisterhood that burns in the heart of every Girl Scout and it is no longer dark. Although this is a tiny flame and it lights only a small area, all of us can see it. Each one of us knows it is here and could find the way to it. Though tiny, it is a beacon to every one of us. This tiny light can grow, be multiplied and spread if someone would come to join it. (Two girls light their candles from the leader's candle)

      #1 GS:     Now the flame is brighter, lights a bigger area and we can see more than before. But this is only a beginning, for once there is light and people who are willing to share it, it will grow. As it is shared, it will become bigger and bigger until all who want it can have the light. (Girls light candles from each other until all are lighted)

      #2 GS:     See how fast the light can spread. Notice how well you can see now. This light makes it possible for us to see our friends, see their smiles and their actions. Other people can see our light.

      #3 GS:     As this light brightens our group, so does our light as true Girl Scouts brighten our own lives and the lives of others. The smallest light held by the least of us is important to the whole world.

      #4 GS:     Now I will light the three candles for the three parts of our Promise with the same tiny light from which so much light has grown. Watch the candles take up the flame to shine on all of us as we rededicate ourselves by saying the Girl Scout Promise. (All members repeat Promise)

      On my honor, I will try:
      1. To serve God, and my country,
      2.  To help people at all times,
      3.  And to live by the Girl Scout Law.

      (Girls come forward, one at a time, to recite one of the ten parts of the Girl Scout Law and to light a candle which represents the part).

      1.   I will do my best: to be honest and fair,
      2.   friendly and helpful,
      3.   considerate and caring
      4.   courageous and strong, and
      5.      responsible for what I say and do,
      6.   and to respect myself and others,
      7.   respect authority,
      8.   use resources wisely,
      9.   make the world a better place, and
     10.   be a sister to every Girl Scout.

      LEADER:  This pin tells everyone you are a Girl Scout. (attach pin to girl's clothing) Wear it proudly. (Give the Girl Scout handshake to the new member.) Welcome to level         Troop/Group #                 (Everyone blows out candles.)

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