YOU WILL NEED: a copy of the Daisy Leader Guide, Daisy Activity Book and Safety-Wise. The books are available for purchase through your local Girl Scout Council. Also take your basic leader orientation and leader training as soon as possible for additional information. Remember to think like a Daisy. Not every meeting will be perfect but just be flexible. Helpful hints are on page 15 of the Daisy Leader Guide.

Suggestions are listed on pages 22-23 of the Daisy Leader Guide and Activity Book. If you use the drawing activity on page 10 of the Daisy Leader Guide have extra adults or older girl scouts help you with this activity. Additional suggestions are listed below. Your monthly leader meetings will also offer additional program activities both at the Service Unit and Council levels.

There are activities listed in the Daisy Activity book that require no preparation.
-Take an alphabet hike page 23
-Nature in action page 24
-Cool ways to count page 26
-Sound sense page 36

SEPTEMBER: Attend Friendship Rally or local organizational meeting. Meet with
your Service Unit Organizer to learn the size of the troop.

Ideas for your parent meeting are located in the Daisy Leader Guide pages 33-35.
At the meeting decide on a meeting date and location. Parents also need to decide if they will provide snack, drinks, paper plates, napkins and cups. You are not expected to provide snacks and drinks. You are contributing your time. Parents need to be involved with the troop and providing snack is a small service. We also ask the snack mom to assist at that meeting. Dads, grandmas or other may help if the mom is unavailable. We usually assign hostess duties to the girls who bring in the snack and drink. Have parents sign up for troop positions (Phone call Mom, Troop Treasurer, Field Trip Mom, Day Camp Mom and Snack Mom.

Discuss what is a reasonable fee. Keep in mind the following expenses: Daisy Pin 1.25, Promise Center and Petals 5.10, craft supplies at a 1.00 per meeting if crafts are something the girls would like to do as an activity. Craft supplies include the cost of glue, scissors, construction paper etc. Parents may prefer to buy the craft items and donate them to the troop or have each girl bring her own supplies. (Works right in with the Daisy Petal program of being responsible for what I do.) We like to collect a troop startup fee of $15.00. You can divide the total in two and ask for the second fee in January. Council has scholarship money for registration and dues if necessary.


HONEST AND FAIR - I will tell the truth, even if it might get my friends or me in trouble.
I will stick up for what is right, not for who is popular.
I will do my kaper chart chores, because not one should have to do my share.

FRIENDLY AND HELPFUL - I will do my kapers without having to be told twice.
I will offer to help someone, because I appreciated getting help when I need h.
I will pay attention to someone's' problem, because I may have an idea that can help.

CONSIDERATE AND CARING - I will not scream at, hit, or treat people badly.
I will not leave someone out, because I feel sad when I'm left behind.
I will not say things to hurt someone's feelings, just because my "friends" and think it's fun.

COURAGEOUS AND STRONG - I will have the courage to stick to the rules even when it might not seem cool.
I will be a friend, even when my friend is not popular.
I will try new things, even if I'm afraid, because I know my troop will help me.

RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT I SAY AND DO - I will talk out the problems I have with someone.
I will not talk bad about them. If I hut someone by my actions or words,
I will do my best to fix it. I will stay with the troop and always have a buddy without being told.
I will accept my punishments without complaining, if I do something I know is wrong.

RESPECT MYSELF AND OTHERS - I will not call names.
I will treat other people the way I want to be treated.
I will treat other people's stuff the way I want them to treat my stuff.
I will listen to other's opinions, and not interrupt. I may learn something new,
I will not do something I am uncomfortable with, just because a friend wants me to.

RESPECT AUTHORITY - I will listen to the adults, they are here to help me.
I will follow directions and rules, they were made to keep me safe.
I will follow the quiet sign, otherwise I might miss something important.

USE RESOURCES WISELY- I will try not to waste water when brushing my teeth and
I will recycle as often as I can, to help save the earth and replace what I have taken.
I will share with others, not only in my troop, but with all people.

MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE - I will pick up trash when I see it.
I will not harm the environment - the air, land, water, and animals.
I will not pick on someone for being different. Being different is what makes us special!

BE A SISTER TO EVERY GIRL SCOUT - I will have a great time with my friends.
I will try to make every day a great memory for tomorrow.

OCTOBER: Managing meeting time pg. 55 daisy leader guide
Start your meeting with everyone in a circle. This is your daisy ring. In your daisy ring introduce yourself and have the girls introduce themselves. Make Troop rules, No running, no mean words, respect authority, respect others etc. Teach the GS quiet sign. (five fingers in the air or three finger GS sign). Introduce the Girl Scout Law. Explain they will earn petals for their tunics as they learn the meaning of the law.

Teach "The Daisy Smile Song" (To the tune of the Brownie Smile song)
I've got something in my pocket that belongs across my face, I keep it very close to me in a most convenient place. I bet you couldn't guess it if you guessed a long, long time, So I'11 take it out & put it on it's a great big Daisy Smile. Use hand motions to point out your pocket, & face as indicated in the song.

Introduce the Kaper Chart. An example is located on page 52 of the Daisy Leader Guide. Assign jobs for hostess, craft helper, and cleanup. Everyone is expected to cleanup after themselves and the girls assigned to cleanup will bring trash cans around and make sure tables are clean and chairs and pushed in. Picture charts work best at this age level.

Have a troop snack if the parents provide the snack.

Copy a picture from a coloring book. Have the girls color the picture. Have the girls crumple the picture into a ball. Now smooth out the picture. Note all the wrinkles left on the paper. Explain when you say something bad or mean it will always leave a mark on that person. Some marks don't show but others do. A girl scouts job is to be responsible and not say things that might hurt someone on the inside. Discuss what words hurt and what words are nice. Responsible for what I do is as simple as having the girls always wear their seat belts when in a car.

Make friendship pins with colored beads, that describe themselves, to trade with each other. Pin to shoelaces or the back of their tunic.
Red- Friendship Pink- Songs White- Giggles Blue- Games
Purple- Crafts Yellow- Smiles Green -Girl Scouts

Teach TAPS
Day is done, gone the sun, from the lakes,( hands & arms pointing to the ground) from the hills,(arms out straight in front), from the sky, (arms above the head), all is well, (lower arms & cross right over left & grasp the hands of the person next to you on each side) safely rest, God is nigh. Keep holding & send the friendship squeeze around the circle. Have the Girls cross their feet when they receive the squeeze.(This helps the leader keep track of who forgot to pass the squeeze on). When the squeeze returns to the Leader says " Night Scouts"

We end our meetings with taps and then play Daisy to Daisy game found on page 1l of your Daisy Leaders Guide. The game Daisy to Daisy can be played until the parents pick the girls up from the meeting.

Activities relate to the Blue Promise center and the Orange, Purple and Magenta petals.


Start with your Daisy Ring. Have the girls say one nice thing about the girl sitting next to them.
Review jobs assigned on the kaper chart. Review the quiet sign and respect others by-not interrupting. Encourage the girls to raise their sign when your is raised We tell the girls as the hand goes up the lips go closed. Read about Juliette Low and try some of the activities from page 24-26 of Daisy Leader Guide.

Play Daisy Says (Play just like Simon says)
Have snack if provided.
Teach a flag ceremony
You will need 4-6 girls. One to call (I stand next to the caller and tell her what to say), Flag Bearer and 2-4 girls to walk behind the flag bearer. The 3 girls are the color guard. I use a small 10" flag and have a tall "bud vase" to use as a flag holder.

Caller: Color Guard Advance: The girls start at the back of the room and walk to the front of the room where the vase is on a table along with the daisy pins and investiture patches.

Caller: Color Guard post the colors: The flag bearer places the flag in the vase. The Color guard remains at the front of the room.

Caller: We will now say the pledge of allegiance.
Caller: We will now say the Girl Scout Promise
Caller: Color Guard Retreat.

Teach I'M A LITTLE DAISY (tune I'm a little teapot)
I'm a little Daisy, dressed in blue.
I am a Girl Scout, you are, too.
When I go to meetings, I sing and shout.
I love being a Daisy Girl Scout!

MOTIONS: I'm a little Daisy - hands together, at side of face, head tilted
dressed in blue - hands pick up hem of uniform smock
I am a Girl Scout - make a 3-fingered sign
you are too - point to neighbor
When I go to meetings - hands out, palms up
I sing and shout - hands cup around mouth
I love being a - point to heart
Daisy Girl Scout - clap 3 times, once on each word

Make Pine cone bird feeders
Purchase a reusable tablecloth to cover your table. Attach a wire to the pinecone so it can be hung on a tree. "Butter" your pinecones in peanut butter and roll in birdseed. To cut down on the mess place the birdseed in pie pans.
Discuss with the girls what birds need to have to survive the winter.
If you have time select a no prep activity from the Daisy Activity book.

End the meeting with taps
This meeting applies toward Blue Promise Center, Orange, Magenta, Green and Rose Petals

Have the girls check the kaper chart and start with a flag ceremony.

In your Daisy Ring and plan your investiture ceremony. Tap your Junior, Cadette or Senior resources these young women love to work with younger girls (and do they know Games & Songs). It is important to have the girls participate in ceremony planning. Questions at this age level maybe involved, Who are we going to invite? When? Where? Are we going to have a snack afterwards? What will we have? Who will make it. (Their answer will be MY MOM. How many times have you been told you were doing cup cakes.). Remember you will need napkins, cups, drink, plates and snack.

An investiture ceremony usually consists of a brief welcome by the leader then an opening flag ceremony, followed by the pledge of allegiance. The girls then make their formal Girl Scout promise and recite the law. It's OK to have the girls repeat after you one line at a time. Then present each girl with her Daisy Pin and Blue Promise Center. At this time they have also earned the purple and Magenta petals. Optional: WAGGGS pin, but I like to save that for another
ceremony after they have a chance to learn about WAGGGS also there is an investiture patch you can give the girls if you have the troop funds. Next have the girls sing a song and end presenting the new Daisy Girl Scouts of troop #
Make a large daisy center of yellow construction paper. Write the troop number on the center. Make a petal of white construction paper for each girl. Write her name on the petal. The center can be attached to a bulletin board. (If one is not available at your meeting place, make one by covering heavy cardboard with construction paper or material.)

Begin the ceremony with the "Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag". As each girl comes forward to attach her petal to the center, welcome her to Daisy Troop ~ with a hug. If a new girl joins at a later date, her petal may be added.

Practice your ceremony. Then review troop rules and the quiet sign. Also review the promise and law. Discuss what the word fair means. Follow up with by making invitations to next meetings bridging ceremony. Pass out 1 crayon or marker to each girl except one. Give the last girl a whole box of crayons to use. Before the girls start to color ask them if this is fair? Why can't I give one
girl a whole box to use herself. Pass out the rest of your crayons and let the girls decorate their invitations. Make sure they add their name to the invitation. On the invitation ask for a canned good to be brought to the ceremony. Have a basket to collect the donations. Explain to the girls
about donating food to others less fortunate.

Have snack if provided. Reinforce fair by giving 1 girl double snacks. Again ask if the girls feel this is fair.

Make a thanksgiving craft. Indian Bead Necklace Cover the table with your reusable cloth. 30" lanyard or "spaghetti string, Fall color "pony beads" approximately 10 beads, Fall colored feathers, glue. String beads onto the spaghetti string. Show the girls how to tie a square knot at the ends of the
string. (Right over Left & Left over Right) Dip end of feather into glue & slide into a bead.

Sing I'm a little Daisy or the Daisy Smile Song. Let the girls choose.
Sing Taps and Play Daisy to Daisy if time allows.

This meeting applies toward Blue Promise Center Purple and Light Blue Petals
Assign Kapers. Practice investiture ceremony. In your Daisy ring explain how everyone is being courageous when saying the GS promise in front of their invited guests. Remind them to watch for the quiet sign so the ceremony can start.

Also discuss how not everyone has enough food to eat and may go to bed hungry. The food collected at the Investiture Ceremony will be donated to people in need of food.

Make a GS Sign
2 sheets construction paper use 2 different colors
Pencils or Markers, Scissors Glue
Each girl should trace their hand with one of the pieces of paper and cut it out. Then glue the hand onto the second sheet of construction paper. Bend down the thumb and pinky to form the Girl Scout sign apply glue to hold. Or use the pattern from www.makingfriends.com Ask a mom to make computer labels with the GS promise and the date. Apply label to the bottom of the sheet of construction paper.

Have your investiture ceremony and relax!!! Remember this is fun. Anything that goes wrong will just add to the memory. Make sure someone takes pictures. Remember to check with parents before sharing any pictures used for a website or newspaper. There are situations where girls cannot have their picture placed in a public forum.

Welcome parents and guests at the door.

Leader: Welcome to Troop Investiture Ceremony. The girls will join their sisters in Girl Scouts today. Please stand and honor the flag of your country.

Color Guard Advance
Color Guard Post the Colors
Please join us and recite the pledge of allegiance
Color Guard Retreat

Leader: Please be seated

Will the Daisy Girl Scouts of troop _____ please stand. Raise your Girl Scout sign and repeat after me: On my honor, I will try, To do my duty, to God and my country, to help people at ail times and to live by the Girl Scout Law.

A Girl Scout is...
1. Honest and Fair
2. Friendly and Helpful
3. Considerate and Caring

4. Courageous and Strong
5. Responsible for what I say and do
and a Girl Scout will
6. Respect myself and others
7. Respect authority
8. Use resources wisely
9. make the world a better place
10. and be a sister to every Girl Scout.

You are now ready to receive your Daisy Pin, the Blue Promise Center and the Magenta, Purple and Orange petals for learning about respect for yourself and others, that you are responsible for what you say and do, and the magenta petal for respecting authority.

Leader: the girls will now sing a song they've selected

Thank you for attending and please join us for refreshments.
The meeting & ceremony are related Red, and Spring Green Petals.

DECEMBER: 1 meeting only due to the holiday.
Check the Kaper Chart and start you meeting with a flag ceremony.

Exercise! ( Girls are full of energy at this time of the year) Let the girls take turns playing follow the leader. They Learned courage at their court of awards, now teach them to have strong bodies.
Each leader must do a simple exercise like: jumping jacks, leap frog, duck walk etc.
Make an obstacle course suggestions ate in your Daisy Leader Guide page 76. Or Daisies move and dance on page 45.

In your Daisy Ring discuss how to be friendly and helpful. Use role playing found on page 22 of the leader guide. Also, what holiday does each girl celebrate. Remember Hanukkah, Christmas and Kwanzaa. If your troop celebrates only one holiday, show how Girl Scouts may celebrate holidays in their troops.
Snack if provided

Candle Favors - Kwanzaa craft
Toilet paper tubes, Red, green or black construction paper (Traditional Kwanzaa Colors)
White, Orange and Yellow tissue paper, Scissors, Glue, assorted small candies or trinkets. Cover the tube with construction paper of choice and glue in place. (Use clothespins to hold the paper in place while drying. Place candies and/or trinkets in the center of a 10" square of tissue paper.
Bring corners together and twist. Place into cardboard tube.

Icicles Ornaments Christmas Craft
3 clear 6mm faceted beads, 3 clear 8mm faceted beads, 3 clear 10mm faceted beads
6" silver tinsel stem, ornament hangers, tacky glue
Dip the tip of the tinsel stem in glue. Slide the beads from the clean tip and just touch the glue. Add the beads in order from smallest to largest. Bend over leftover stem and add an ornament hanger. Plan to make several as they are quick and easy.

Kisses for Mom & Dad Hanukkah or Christmas Craft
Recycle baby food jars or any container. Cut strips of paper to fit around the jar. Print a label or write on the paper: When you need a kiss, just open the jar and take one. Love, _______. Let the girls decorate the papers. Glue the paper around the jar. Now have the girls blow kisses into the jar (or add Hershey kisses) and close the lid. Wrap your jar using a large red napkin. Place the jar in the center of the napkin and gather the corners. Tie a ribbon around the napkin to complete the present.

Sing Taps
The activities relate to the yellow, green, rose and red petals
Please remember these are only suggestions. Ask the girls what they want to do. Always try to offer 2 options and let the girls select what they like. They may want more physical activities or they may prefer crafts.

Use the kaper chart to assign tasks. Start you meeting with a flag ceremony and play a game of Daisy says.

In your Daisy ring review troop rules. Use the kaper chart to assign tasks. Have the girls vote on the type of troop activities they enjoy. They may prefer to play more games or do more crafts. Great craft sites are: www.theideabox.com and www.makingfriends.com You can discuss Martin Luther King Day. How does this apply to the purple petal they earned? Is it fair to treat others because they may look different? In what ways are the girls the same or different? (Eye color, hair color even various skin tones). Compare skin to a white sheet of paper and a black sheet of paper. Are we really white & black? Remind the girl we are all the same because we are girl scouts! You can color a picture Daisy Girl Scouts Around the World from the Daisy Activity book pages 18-19.

Snack if provided.

Crafts: Make coffee filter butterflies. They will all be the same because they are all butterflies. They will all be different colored patterns as individual as each girl. I tried the butterfly located in the Daisy Leader Guide page 80 but I the only colors I created were black and blue. I used red, blue and yellow washable markers and scribbled over the whole filter. Then drip or spray lightly with water to blend the colors. Cover your table with your reusable tablecloth and place newspapers under the filters to soak up the excess water. Play a quick game or use a no prep activity while waiting for the filters to dry. Let the girls choose what they want to do. When the filters are dry pinch the center of the filter to form a bowtie shape and place in the clothespin. Repeat with second filter. Add eyes and antenne.

Sing Taps
The activities relate to the Purple, Lt. Blue & Violet petals

Use the kaper chart to assign tasks. Start you meeting with a flag ceremony.

In your Daisy ring discuss what can be friendly and helpful activities. How would you feel if you had no family to visit. The girls will be helping to bring cheer to someone in need. The craft will be to decorate bags for meals on wheels.

Craft: Decorate bags for Meals on Wheels. Check with your local meals on wheels for acceptable decorations. Stickers, makers and crayon drawings are usually OK. If time permits have the girls color some pictures to go along with their bags.

Snack if provided

Borrow a Brownie Leader Book and play a game from
Games Around the World try-it. Teach the girls a new game to play.

Sing Taps
The activities relate to the Yellow, Spring Green petals and 1 requirement of Bridging

Use the kaper chart to assign tasks. Start you meeting with a flag ceremony if the girls vote to still have it.

In your Daisy Ring discuss what is honest. Use activities listed on page 22 Daisy Leaders Guide
Snack if provided
Play a game, sing a song or use a no prep activity.
Make valentines for retirement community and family.
Valentine Mice: Cut a heart from construction paper. Fold along the center of the heart. This makes the mouse body. Glue along the top edge. Add a small
flat sucker into the body and the sucker stick becomes the tail.

Sing Taps
Activities relate to the Yellow, Lt Blue, Spring Green petals

Use the kaper chart to assign tasks. Start you meeting with a flag ceremony.
In your Daisy Ring ask the girls what they have enjoyed about scouting. What would like to do? Take a field trip? Where? Post Office, Grocery Store, Playground, Fire Station, McDonalds or other free attraction. A checklist for fieldtrip checklist is on page 58 of your Daisy Leader Guide. You will also need to submit a "Special Troop Activity" form to your neighborhood chair 2 weeks prior to your fieldtrip.

This is a special meeting. On February 22nd Girl Scouts and Girl Guides around the world celebrate Thinking Day. See page 26 Daisy Leader Guide. All Girl Scouts are part of WAGGGS The World Association for Girl Guides and Girl Scouts. The WAGGGS pin has a blue background and gold trefoil with stars. Check if you council has a coloring page that explains the parts of the WAGGGS Pin. I can try to email the picture to you. Award the WAGGGS Pin at the next COA (Court of Awards)

Play and International Game found in the Brownie Try-it book.
Snack if Provided
Color the WAGGGS Pin picture and explain the parts. Next make friendship pins using silver and gold beads. Swap pins with each other. Invite a Brownie troop to help celebrate with you.

Teach Make new friends song and play Daisy Says
Sing Taps
The activities relate to the Violet petal and 1 requirement of Bridging (a Brownie Try-it activity)

Use the kaper chart to assign tasks. Start you meeting with a flag ceremony.

In your Daisy ring plan your Court Of Awards. Do the girls want to have a flag ceremony, a snack, or sing a song? Let the girls choose. Have them keep in mind honest & fair. Is it fair to have the same girls always leading the flag ceremony and other activities. The ceremony should include the GS promise and Law. Ask the girls if they would like to have their parents recite the
family promise. Be prepared this discussion may take a while. Each girl could also explain one part of the WAGGGS Pin. WAGGGS pin parts are explained on page 38 of the Daisy Leader Guide.

Make invitations as a craft if the girls decide they want to have them.

Have copies of the family promise available for your guests

On my honor I will
share my daughters new interest
give her opportunities to practice her skills at home
show appreciation to the promise and law

attend the troop events to which I am invited
support girl scouting by working for and contributing to activities
and funds that make girl scouting possible in our community
Also inform the girls about GS Sundays/ Sabbath. This is usually celebrated around March 12th the founding day of Girl Scouts. This can be done as a troop activity or girls can participate at their individual places of worship.

Religious awards are not earned until the Brownie age level.

Religious awards are to be earned at each girls place of worship. It is not meant to be a troop activity. Participation patches are available for purchase.

Snack if provided (Individual cupcakes with a birthday candle to celebrate the start of Girl Scouts in the USA on March 12".)

Play a game or try the activities on sound found on page 75 of the Daisy Leader Guide.

Practice what the girls have selected for their Court of Awards. Plan on saying a few words to the parents and friends on what the girls did to earn their patches.

Sing Taps
This meeting reinforces the promise center, light blue, purple and magenta petals


Check the Kaper Chart and practice for your court of awards if needed.

In your Daisy ring remind the girls about being courageous when speaking in front of others. Make plans to meet with a Brownie troop if you have not already participated with a Brownie Troop. Plan with the girls which Bridging activities they want to complete. The activities are listed on pages 62-64 of the Daisy Leaders Guide. This is optional but it is required if you are
awarding the bridge to Brownies rainbow patch. At least one activity from each step needs to be completed, however you can do more than one activity if the girls want to.

Play a game of their choice or use a no prep activity,

Have your court of awards. Pass out family promise.

The girls have earned the rest of their Daisy Petals. You can also award the WAGGGS Pin at this time if funds permit.

APRIL: 1 meeting due to Easter holiday

Play "animal charades" from Animal Try-It Participate in neighborhood Service Project or collect items for Goodwi1l or other service groups. Girls are not allowed to accept cash donations. Another service project could be to dye Easter eggs for meals on wheels or a retirement center and make baskets from bottom of 2 liter bottle to encourage recycling

Alternate Craft: Easter egg bunny. Trace egg shapes onto brown construction paper. Have the girls cut out the bunnies. Glue a cottonball to the large end of the egg. Use 2 small wooden ice-cream spoons as the ears and glue to the small end of the egg. The spoons should lineup at the bowl of the spoon and the handles separate into the 2 ears. Add eyes and a nose with a marker.
Break 2 wooden toothpicks into 4 pieces. Glue to each side of the nose as whiskers.
Snack if provided.
Play a game of choice
Sing Taps


In your Daisy Ring complete plans for your Bridging Ceremony. Remember you will need a time, a place, song or skit, food is optional.

Check your leaders guide pages 62-64 and review what steps the girls met to earn their bridging rainbow. If you prefer bridging may be done as a start to the new GS year in the fall. All girls will bridge to Brownies but only the girls that complete the bridging requirements will receive the bridging rainbow patch. Once a girl becomes a brownie she cannot earn this award. When you decide to bridge, I recommend purchasing the leader guide and Brownie handbook. You will find a story that tells what a Brownie is and why they are special.

Make Bridging invitations if needed.
Non-toxic acrylic paint
Pie pans or plastic plates
Paint shirt or plastic to protect clothes.

Cut out trefoil shapes from sponges (a paper trefoil shape is attached to all new Girl Scout uniforms ). Dip sponges in paint and stamp onto construction paper.
Fold paper and print invitation information on the inside.
Play favorite Games, sing songs.
Learn Brownie Smile Song.
I've got something in my pocket that belongs across my face,
I keep it very close to me in a most convient place.
I bet you could not guess if you guessed a long, long time,
So I'll take it out and put it on,
It's a great big Brownie smile.

Second and little known verse
I have something in my pocket, I found behind a log, My leader said to put it back, but I want to keep this frog! It's cool, and green and slimy, and it wiggles in my hand, I also have a wooley-worm, and pocket full of sand!

Ask what was their favorite activity of Daisy Girl Scouts.
Ask what was their favorite part of Daisy Scouts for each girl.

Props Needed: Brownie Girl Scout "Pond" (can be constructed from a piece of cardboard covered with foil and border with greenery, or use a mirror and border with greenery, or use a real one!)
Also need Brownie Pins for each new member. They can be placed on the floor by the pond. Lay pond on the floor in the middle of the ceremony area. All the girls stand or sit around the "pond" and then the leader says the magic words:

Cross your little fingers, stand upon your toes
That's a bit of magic every Brownie knows
Now we all are standing in a forest glade
Listen very carefully, see what the magic has made

If the new Brownies have been sent outside, the girls knock on the door
The leader with the troop asks: "Who comes to the Brownie woods?"

Brownies-to-be: "We do"

Leader: "What do you want?"

Brownies-to-be: "We want to be Brownie Girl Scouts"

The leader may ask why, and the girls may give their own reasons (help them prepare them before the ceremony if you plan on asking). Then they enter and gather around the pond. At this point you may have a simple dramatization of the Brownie Story by the older Brownies or the leader may tell or read the story to the girls.

Leader: Who comes first (or next) to the Magic Pond

Co-Leader: (Reads girls names, one by one, alphabetically)

Leader: Turns girls, one by one, while saying:

"Twist me and turn me and show me the elf
I looked in the water and saw _____________________"

Girl: Myself!

Leader pins on Brownie Pin, gives the girl the Girl Scout handshake and welcomes her to Brownie Girl Scouting. You may also present year pins and bridging rainbows at this time.

JUNE MEETING: Summer Fun Days otherwise known as Day Camp (Optional)

Troop Costs: Daisy Pin, WAGGGS Pin, Daisy Petals and center, craft materials.
Bridging Costs: Brownie Pin, Year Pin and Bridging Rainbow - If completed

Crafts Materials used during the year
TP tubes Baby Food Jars 2 Liter Bottles Markers
Coffee Filters Red Napkins Ribbon Peanut Butter
Bird Seed Wire Construction Paper Glue
Feathers Wiggle Eyes #2 Safety Pins 6mm Gold Beads Pinecones Easter Grass Stickers
6mm Silver Beads Paint Plastic plates Sponges
Scissors Cotton balls Toothpicks

Chenille Stems Assorted colors Lanyard (S'ghetti string)
Pony Beads Assorted Colors Wooden Ice cream spoons

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