Unofficial USA Scouting Resources

Crafts - Recycled & Miscellaneous

Knot or Rock Dolls
Knotty People
Plantation Dolls
Apple Head, Gourd Head and Handkerchief Dolls
Marshmallow S'more People
Wooden Spool Soldier
Topsy Turvy Spool Dolls
Easy Yarn Dolls
Mini Yarn Doll
Yarn Dolls
Yarn People Dolls
Pipe Cleaner Dolls
PipeCleaner Teddies
Towel Dolls
Family Fun Worry Dolls
Paper Twist Doll
How to Make Cornhusk Dolls
Corn Husk Dolls 2 Versions
Corn Husk Dolls
Making Corn Husk Dolls
Cork Trolls
Scarecrow Doll - from a Necktie
No Face Doll and Legend
Kachina Wood Spool Dolls
Making Friends Native American Crafts
Enchanted Learning Native American Crafts
DLTK Native American Activities
Native American Arts and Crafts
Teachers First Native American Crafts Unit
Festive Bow and Arrow
Native American Coiled Pine Needle Baskets
Instructions for Pine Needle Coil Baskets
Pine Needle Basket Making
Pine Cone Craft Projects
Wheat Weaving Projects
Roses from Maple Leaves
Insect Ornaments from Sticks, Leaves and Seeds
Twig Frame Craft
Birch Bark Canoe
Pumpkin Seed Mosaic
Flower Pounding
More Flower Pounding
Danielle's Nature Crafts
About Nature Crafts
Free Nature Crafts Projects
Apple Star Thank You Wreath
Flower Pressing Basics
Pressing Flowers
How to Press Your Own Flowers
Candy Bouquet
Hershey's Hugs and Kisses Roses
Hugs and Kisses Sweetheart Roses
Hershey's Flower Pot Bouquet
Candy Kiss Rosebuds
Hershey Kiss Rosebud Favors
Hershey Kiss Crafts
Hershey Kisses Mice
Spoonful of Kisses
Candy Train Craft
Another Candy Train Craft
Candy Wrapper Crafts
Candy Plant Craft
Candy if Fun Booklet of Crafts (.pdf - 12 pg)
Colored Pasta for Crafts
Pasta Pets
Pasta Photo Frame
Pumpkin See Art
Potato Stamps
Potato Dough
Play Dough Recipes of All Kinds
Playdough Recipes
Coolest Homemade Playdough Recipes
Homemade Clay Projects
Dryer Link Crafts and Clay
Lint Clay
Dryer Lint Clay Recipe
More Dryer Lint Clay Recipes
Sawdust Clay Dough
Sawdust Clay
Victorian Salt Clay
Playdough & Bubbles - Recipes, Tips & Techniques
Practical Kitchen Paint, Clay and Glue Recipes
Kids Domain Cinnamon Clay
Potato Dough
Making Friends Edible Play Dough Recipes
Fruity Putty
Fruity Putty Recipe
Candy Play Dough & Chocolate Clay
Chocolate Scented Playdough
Play Clay and Dough Recipes
Lots of Dough Recipes
Treasure Stones from Coffee Grounds
Clay S'more Person Pen
Making Friends Potpourri Dough
Potpourri Dough Pie Craft
Easy Potpourri Pie Craft
Making Friends Molding Potpourri
Gelatin Plastic for Jewelry/Toys
Frosting Glass with Epsom Salt
Epsom Salts Frost
Fried Marbles
Mini Styrofoam Hats
Toothbrush Bracelet
Making Charm Bracelet charms
Girl Scout Trefoil Pony Bead Pattern
Making Friends Girl Scout Law Bracelet
Learn the Girl Scout Law and Daisy Petals Bracelet
Girl Scout Law Learner - Bead Craft
Guide Promise and law Stick, Fence and Flower Crafts
easily adaptable to Girl Scouts
Girl Scout Pony Bead Pattern
Morse Code Bead Jewelry
Flag Day Bracelets
Daisy Friendship Bracelet
Making Friends Friendship Bracelets
How to Make a Friendship Bracelet
Friendship Bracelets You Tube Video
Another Friendship Bracelet You Tube Video
Friendship Bracelets with Diagrams
Floss Friendship Bracelet
Friendship Bracelets
Wrist Wraps Friendship Bracelets
Heathers Friendship Bracelets
Friendship Bracelet Pattern
How to Make a Safety Pin Bracelet
Cirle of Pins Bracelet
Safety Pin Bracelet
Safety Pin and Bead Bracelet
Safety Pin Bracelet
Clothespin Spring Jewelry
Heather's Friendship Bracelets
Making Friends Friendship Bracelets
Alphabet Patterns for Friendship Bracelets
Girl Scout Twist Bracelet
Finger Crochet Jewelry
Worlds to Explore Friendship Tie (.pdf)
Friendship Crafts
Arts & Crafts - Friendship
Friendship Pens
Friendship Stick
Jumbo Craft Stick Characters
Puzzle Piece Jewelry
Margo's Beadie Critter Instructions and Patterns
Beadie Bears of the World
I Love GS Beaded Keychain
Evelyn's Beadie Crafts
Beaded Safety Pin Patterns Index
Pins Made with Beads and Safety Pins
Beaded Friendship Pins
Friendship Pin Patterns
Safety Pin Angel
Beaded Green Angel
Another Beaded Green Angel
Seed Bead Flag Pin
Beaded Tiara
Beaded Faux Flowers
Flower Hair Pin
Beaded CD Curtain
Allcrafts Jewelry Making and Beading Projects
Kids Domain Jewelry Crafts
Macrame Jewelry Crafts
Birthstones and Gemstones
Rose Petal Beads
Making Rose Petal Beads
How to Make Rose Petal Beads
Rose-Petal Beads
Paper and Fabric Beads
Magazine Beads Craft
Paper Bead Necklace
How to Make a Paper Beads Necklace Video
More Making Paper Beads
Another Making Paper Beads
Recycled Paper Beads
Beautiful Beads from Recycled Newspaper
DLTK Paper Bead Keychains
Fabric Beads
Jelly Roll Beads
Potato Beads
Bread Dough Beads
Colored Noodle Beads
Solar System Necklace (.pdf)
Solar System Bracelet (.pdf)
Hydro Bracelets
Balloon Twisting 101(.pdf -14 pg) Thanks Lizbeth
Balloon Twisting 201 (.pdf - 12 pg) Thanks Lizbeth
Make Balloon Animals
Balloon Animal Instructional Videos
Kids Stuff Magic Balloon Animals
Pam's Place Balloon Sculpting
Balloon Sculptures
Make a Balloon Sculpture
Twisting Balloons 101
Professor Wonder's Balloon Gallery
Balloon Art - Animated
Make Your Own Balloon Scuptures
Princess Balloon Sculpture Tutorial (You Tube)
Panda Bear Balloon Sculpture Tutorial (You Tube)
Homemade Instruments
More Homemade Instruments
Inventing Homemade Instruments with Math and Measurment
Making Friends Musical Instruments
Family Fun Homemade Instruments
9 Easy to Make Musical Instruments for Kids
Kids Homemade Musical Instruments
How to Make Musical Instruments for kids Videos
Other Homemade Instruments
Make Your Own Instruments
Mini music Maker from Film Canisters
Bamboo Flute
PVC Bamboo Flute
Plumbers Pipe Simple Flute
Make a Quena Flute
Clay Whistle
How to Make a Clay Whistle
Ceramics Today How to Make a Clay Whistle
Musical Straws
The Straw Instrument
Straw Whistle
Straw Flute
Straw Oboes
Water Trombone
PVC Trombone
Musical Maracas
Plaster Maracas
Watermelon Maracas
Castanets from Jar/Bottle Lids
Making Friends Finger Cymbals
Water Bottle Xylophone
Box Guitar
Tissue Box Guitar
Tips for Craft Foam
Fun Foam Crafts
Fun Foam Craft Projects
DLTK's Fun Foam Crafts
Craft Foam stamps
Making a Stamp from Fun Foam
Craft Foam Christmas Ornaments
Fun Foam Picture Frame
Fun Foam Princess Hat
Stained Galss Window
Fun Foam Butterfly
Fun Foam Fun with Flowers
Fun Foam Flowers
Water Bottle Holder
Fun Foam Clock
Fun Foam Purse
Styrofoam Craft Projects
Styrofoam Ice Cream Cone Placeholders
Styrofoam Patriotic Starburst Bouquet
Styrofoam Alien Little Green Men
Really Cheap Shrink Art
Shrink Art Jewelry
How to Make Shrink Art
Shrinkable Plastic Jewelry
Shrink Art Medals
Shrink Art Frames
Shrinky Dinks from Plastic Lids
Candle Making Projects
Lighted Potpourri Jars
Baby Food Jar Candles
Baby Food Jar Tealight Holder
Hand Dipped Candles
Learn to Make Hand Dipped Candles
Hand Dippped Sparkle Candles
Sand Candles
More Sand Candles
Make a Sand Candle
Ice Candles
Kinder Planet Ice Candles
Balloon Candles
Candlemaking - Dipping Candles
Candle Making Projects
Candle Instructions
Candy Candles
Beach Crafts
Sandcastle Building
Navajo Sand Painting
Sand Coloring
Sand Coloring 2
Craft Recipes from Idea Box
Fun and Yucky Craft Recipes
A to Z Art Recipes
Make Your Own Ooo and Goo
Arts & Crafts Recipes
218 Ways to Use Cookie Cutters
Crafts You Can Eat
Craft Recipes
Homemade Craft Recipes
Craft Recipe Goldmine
Making Kitchen Cosmetic
Lickety Split Lip Gloss
Homemade Toiletries Recipes
Rainbow Meadow Body Product Recipes
Homemade Facial Scrubs and Masks
Homemade Bath Gifts
Making Fragrances
Perfume Making
How to Make Perfume
Cosmetic Gifts to Make and Give
Fruity Lip Gloss
Bubble Bath Jelly Jars
Homemade Paint Recipes
Edible Paint Recipes
Shiny Edible Paint
Homemade Finger Paint
Finger Paint Recipes including Kool-Aid
Bathtub Finger Paints
Face and Body Paint
Face Paints Recipe
Face Paint
Face Painting Tips
Make Your Own Monster Makeup Halloween
Edible Halloween Make up
Face Paint Recipe
Henna Body Decoration
Henna Hand Patterns
Basic Henna Recipe
The Henna Page
Henna Recipes, Tips & Suggestions
Making Soap you can Use
Miller's Homemade Soap Pages
Homemade Soap Recipes
How to Make Homemade Soap
Soap Making Handouts
Homemade Soap Recipes
Making Soap you can Use
How to Make Soap
How to Make Soap Petals
Molded Potpourri Air Freshner
Homemade Floam
Make Your Own Floam
Flubber Recipe
Goop Recipe
Silly Slime and Flubber
Recipes for Slime
Kids Domain Silly Slime
All+Results'>SiIlly Slime
Another Silly Slime
Ooey Gooey Silly Slime
Silly Slime Activity (.pdf)
Chalk Recipes - Solid and Liquid
International Culture Packets
Countries and Cultures Crafts
Enchanted Learning Mexican Crafts
DLTK Mexican Crafts and Activities
Japanese Kindercrafts
Enchanted Learning Chinese Crafts
DLTK Jewish Crafts
Eileen's Jewish Crafts
Making Friends Jewish Crafts
DLTK African Crafts and Activities
Enchanted Learning African Crafts
Australian Guide Promise Boomerang
Mini Lava Lite
Spoon Critters Craft
Penguin Pals
Stress Balls
How to Make a Stress Ball
Make Your Very Own Stress Ball
Making a Jacob's Ladder Toy
Jacob's Ladder Craft
Hairy Potato Head Craft
Fantasy Crafts - DLTK
Harry Potter Crafts - Making Friends
Kids Domain Wizard Crafts
Harry Potter Crafts, Ideas and Activities
Star Crafts and Activities
Making SnowGlobes
More SnowGlobes
Picture Perfect Magnets
Glass Marble Magnets
Beaded Wire Photo Holder
Big Wind Kite Factory - Kite Making
Grandfather's Kite
Homemade Newspaper Kites
Rainbow Streamer Craft
Girl Scout Law Windsock
Peace Lily and Fighting Fish Craft
DLTK Animal Crafts
Enchanted Learning Animal Crafts
Kids Domain Animal Theme Crafts
Make Your Own Party Crackers
DLTK Birthday Crafts
Groovy Lava Lite Craft
Miniature Lava Lite
DLTK Space Themed Crafts
Kids Domain Space Crafts
Spacecraft Model Kits - Free Downloadable Kits
MakeStuff.Com - Free samples, kits, instruction
Fabric Covered Memo Board
Stained Glass Patterns
Craftygal Silverware Wind Chimes
Silverware Wind Chime
Duct Tape Crafts
Duct Tape Activities
Duct Tape Rose
How to Make a Duct Tape Rose
How to Make a Duct Tape Wallet
Duct Tape Hand Bag
Duct Tape Purse Pattern
Duct Tape Purse
Duct Tape Vest - perfect for presenting badges!!
Make a Duct Tape Purse
Making a Duct Duck Tape Purse
Duct Tape Cell Phone Case
Duct Tape Beach Bag
Make a Duct Tape Bracelet
Duct Tape Tie for Dad
Make a Duct Tape Picture Frame
Make Duct Tape Flip Flops
Maxi Pad Slippers Instructions
Maxi Pad Slippers with Photo
218 Ideas for Cookie Cutters!

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