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Scouting Web  Link Checking Instructions
Only pages with Links on this page have not been updated yet!
need to be checked. PLEASE! Only volunteer if you have the time to do this correctly and promptly! Contact us FIRST with the pages you plan to check links on to be sure someone else has not already started checking them!
Send email to:
1. Select all the links on the page you are checking and "COPY" them
2. Open a new blank html format email and "PASTE" the links (be sure it is html or the links will not show!)
3. Type in the exact name of the web page at the top and SAVE the Email (i.e. GAMES/SPORTS or SEWING/NEEDLECRAFT) Names of pages are shown below
4. Click on each link, one by one, saving and coming back as time allows
5. If the link works and goes to the correct site, it is OK and the link can be deleted from the email you have saved
6. If the link does not work, mark it as "BROKEN"
7. If the broken link is as an example  go back to the base site link of and see if you can find the resource again, it may have just moved within the site. If you can, provide the new link below the old link marked "BROKEN". Mark "NEW LINK" by the new corrected link. Leave both the old and new links in the email. Do not change the wording of the original link, as it is used to make the correction on the site.
8. If you still cannot find the linked page, try to search for it on  Use the exact name of the link shown on Scouting Web. If you find it, or a similar page of content not already listed, please add the new link and mark "NEW LINK" by the corrected link. Please do this for all broken links. Most all council websites (and some private websites) have changed or moved, please attempt to locate the new site. ALL geocities sites have closed or moved. Many other broken links are just moved pages, and can be located by using a search engine such as google. This step if very important!! Please no links to and no sites only SELLING information or products.
9. If you can not find the new link or a replacement link, just leave the link in the email marked as "BROKEN"
10 If you locate additional links that you feel should be added to the page, please list those also.
11. Save the email frequently!
12. When you have completed checking all the links, please forward the email containing only the, "BROKEN" and "NEW LINK" links. All correct links should be deleted, as they do not need to be updated. Keep all links in the orginal order!
13. Forward the email containing all the links to
Subject: Scouting Web Link Check
14. If something comes up and you cannot finish the job, please let us know as soon as possible!
THANK YOU for helping to keep Scouting Web up to date!!

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