Daisy Blue Center - Promise

Make a Girl Scout Law bracelet using the colors of the petals. Make it  out of beads and yarn, elastic or plastic lacing, but       use the colors associated with the Girl Scout Law that are in the Daisy activity book.

  Light Blue - Honest & Fair

Have a game day and talk about how it's not fun to play when people cheat
We had an Egg Hunt for our "honest and fair" petal. Each girl was allowed to find 5 eggs. Once they reached their goal they had to assist the other girls until everyone found 5 eggs

At snack time or craft time give one girl double the snack or craft supplies. This will spark at least one if not all your girls to say, "that's not fair!!!" Also during this time take someone's snack or craft materials. Let the girls see you take them and when they ask why did you take the girls snack or supplies you answer "I did not take them." Again this will start a discussion on what is honesty.

The idea is to explain to the girls the concept of fairness, then give the girls the opportunity to divide up something fairly.  First, we got a lot of a small inexpensive item. Then, we gave them to the girls and told the girls to divide them up fairly,  while the leaders are outside the room. (Tiny erasers, candy, pennies can be used.)
  Yellow - Friendly & Helpful

Read the Brownie Story. Each time the girls hear the word helpful, have them stand up and shout "Helpful!" Then send them home with little sheets of paper that say, "A Girl Scout was here". Each time they do a good deed/chore without being asked, they can leave a slip of paper

Have one  Daisy be a helper at each meeting, one girl earning the Petal at each meeting
  Spring Green - Considerate & Caring

Secret pals! - Have each girl pick out of a hat and have them bring a special gift to the next meeting - something they've made (if you go with a purchased item, make sure you put a $$ limit on the spending!)... Or even better - send the gift in the mail or drop it off on the front porch - girls love getting mail. Have each girl  reveal herself at the next meeting.

Puzzle Piece Picture Frame - You need a frame, either pre-made or made out of craft sticks. Take an old puzzle with small pieces and paint them. Glue them around the frame. Make little banners that say "I Love You To Pieces!" to glue to the bottom.

How about a trip to a retirement community. The residents of this type of community usually have craft times and are not in need of nursing care. It's a good way to introduce girls to someone older. Have the girls make a simple craft with the residents.
  Red - Courageous & Strong

We play a game called emotions. It requires the girls to pick out of a hat a paper that has an emotion on it, like Happy, Sad, Mad, Glad, Excited, Hurt, etc. We had adults help with the reading and each girl had to stand in front of the group and act out the emotion without talking. If your girls are shy, it could take quite a bit of courage to stand up there and do that in front of everyone.

We also do things with our sister troop and for them to be in front of other people they don't know is quite courageous.

Another great idea I've heard about is having a fashion show.

Make a growth chart to hang in their rooms so they can see how they grow.

Have a short exercise period during your meetings to learn how to be strong. Simple exercises or follow the leader.

The leaders told the girls stories of strong and courageous women (Florence Nightengale, Juliette Low, Mulan, etc.).

  Orange - Responsible for what I say and do

Do a service project that helps the environment. Pick up trash around the school, park or playground . Talk to the girls about how each person should help take care of the earth. Maybe plant a tree or some flowers.

Get a big sheet of paper and have the girls make a list of Troop rules.

Copy a picture from a coloring book. Have the girls color the picture. Have the girls crumple the picture into a ball. Now smooth out the picture. Note all the wrinkles left on the paper. Explain when you say something bad or mean it will always leave a mark on that person. Some marks don't show but others do. A Girl Scout's job is to be responsible and not say things that might hurt someone on the inside. Discuss what words hurt and what words are nice.

Responsible for what I do can be as simple as having the girls always wear their seat belts when in a car.

Have the girls think about what chore they could do to help mom do around the house and one that they can do at the Daisy meetings to help out, like take out the trash or push in the chairs at the end of the meetings.

They have a chart to take home and check off for two weeks. 
  Purple - Respect Myself & Others

Have a Doctor, Nurse or Dentist talk to the girls about how important it is to take care of themselves.

We put together care packages of toothpaste, toothbrushes, hairbrushes, wet wipes, soap, and combs. The girl each received one and we donated the others to a shelter. We talked about proper hygiene and why it is important.

  Magenta - Respect Authority

Field trip to our local police station for a tour. The officer gave an age-appropriate tour, including the holding cell, the firing range and the motorcycle garage. It made a big impression on the girls.

Have someone in authority, principal, police officer, fire fighter, etc, talk to the girls about what it means to have their job and how people depend on them.

We made a trip to the fire department. They gave us a tour, allowed the girls to try on their uniforms, and squirt the fire hose. They talked about fire safety. We made them a special card to thank them. We also decorated all of their chalkboards while we waited for them to return from a fire.

The girls play a version of simon says. In this version, the girls only obey Simon if Simon is wearing a hat of authority, which we defined as a police hat, fire hat, or teacher hat. For the teacher hat, I took a cloth hat and labeled it "teacher".

We brought lots of dress-up hats and Simon kept swapping hats between hats of authority and silly hats (i.e. moose antlers, Donald Duck, Minnie Mouse, crown, hardhat, pirate hat).
  Green - Use Resources Wisely

Set out assorted materials, old paper rolls, s craps of construction paper, markers, shoe boxes, popsicle sticks and 
miscellaneous craft stuff left over from other projects, then set it out with NO instructions other than "make something."

Collect aluminum cans for recycling or visit a recycling center

Make recycled paper from all of your construction paper scraps

I had the girls decorate re-usable plastic cups for our meetings and we discussed recycling and littering.

We practiced some "leave no trace" skills by cleaning the playground.

We had a relay race with recyclables. We made a pile of mixed recyclables (plastics, tin/aluminum, newspapers, etc) and had a separate box labeled for each type of recyclable. One by one the girls put one item at a time into the correct box. As a group they worked together doing this 3 times. We timed them each time as they raced against the clock.

  Rose - Make the world a better place

Plant sunflower and daisy seeds for the girls to take home or plant a flower garden as a "thank you" to the church/school for allowing us to use it as a meeting place

Go to a recycling center and practice recycling at home.

Do a local community clean up or plant trees on earth day.

We did a quick unit on taking care of pets and animal safety...we also visited our local veterinarian's office, and made a pet supplies donation to our local animal shelter.

Make bird feeders out of recycled materials
  Violet - Be a sister to every Girl Scout

Find a Troop outside of your area to be Pen Pals with or to be your sister troop.

Have a Thinking Day party

We did a study on Australian Girl Guides, complete with an Aussie snack and craft

Make SWAPS for another Troop (SWAPS stands for "Share With A Pal" and are little pins or trinkets that Girl
Scouts/Guides exchange)

Have a Daisy party for all the Daisy troops in town (that's assuming that there's more than 1 Daisy Troop!)



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