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Purchase 150 X 60 Ad
$10 per month
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All ads must be approved before making payment. ONLY ads suitable for scout leaders and volunteers will be accepted. All ads must be for products or services a scout volunteer would be interested in, to help manage troops, plan/run events, fundraise, camp/hike, and plan/carry out activities, service and badge work.
Other types of ads will be rejected.
Please email if you are interested in placing an ad. Send the ad you would like to run, the page placements you would like and the website it will link to for approval before purchasing ad placements. Please follow the size guidelines above. If you do not have an ad we can create one for you free of charge. Just send the graphics, text and colors you want to use, size of ad you would like to run and website it will link to. We will create your ad.
All ads will be scrolling on the right hand side of the page. Scrolling speed varies by browser. Slower in IE7/8, and Firefox, Faster in IE9, Chrome and Safari. The top ad on the scroller is random each time the page reloads.